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Module Details Super Premium Premium Economic
Add Services
Modify / Delete Services
Approved By Accounts
Site Entry
Site Entry
Add Site GST
Modify / Delete Site GST
Approved By Client
Approved By Accounts
Bulk Entry of Site GST
Service Bill
Service Bill Generated Before Wage (If Payroll is taken)
Normal Bill
Normal Bill Against Cancel Bill
Normal Bill For Terminated Site
Arrear Bill
Cancel service Bill
Sales Bill
Generate Sales Bill
Cancel Sales Bill
Credit Note
Credit Note
Cancel Credit Note
Reverse Bill
Reverse Bill
Cancel Reverse Bill
Client Advance
Client Advance Entry
Realization List
Client Advance Cancel
Bill Submission & Payment Collection
Bill Submission Reason Master
Bill Submission To Client
Client Payment
Client Payment
Client Payment For Accounts
Client Payment Delete
Client Payment Confirmation By Accounts
Approved Client Payment Rejection By Accounts
Billing Reports
Billing Report
Billing Comparison
Search Bill By Bill ID
Category Wise Bill Report
Credit Note Reports
Credit Note Report
Reverse Bill Reports
Reverse Bill Report
Client Advance Reports
Client Advance Report
Client Payment Reports
Bill Submission Report
Collection Followup Report
Bill Due Report
Client Payment Not Approved
Client Payment Report
Deduction Report
Billing-Collection-Deduction Report
TDS Client Reports
TDS Receivable Report