Case Blog @ Stellar Track Technologies:

The following blog deals with the demonstration of real time case scenarios addressed and handled by Stellar Track Technologies, with respect to situations and issues encountered at the client end. Our product has been employed by our clientele to articulate a solution to resolve certain specific scenario, and the product has performed with immaculate precision, having said that please find below the reference of few distinct case presentation.

Case 1; Presentation:

Challenge encountered: The end customer follows different Statutory models while preparing their monthly payroll for their multiple client site employees spread across different geographies throughout the nation. The diversity of such compliance methodology as practiced by the client’s HR Management personnel has evolved a client specific ecosystem of payroll need with distinct break ups of categoric salary structure at various level of business operation.

Suggestive: Stellar Track launched a System Integration approach to the solution. We integrated a Master Statutory Program for the resolve of the payroll complexities.

Solution: Stellar Track developed the Master Statutory Program. We did so, by generating a unique logic path for all the 3 distinct PF types, subsequently other statutory component of diverse nature within a common domain, interfaced in a single window.

Case 2; Presentation:

Challenge encountered:

The end customer deals with a practice of issuing diverse bonus and benefits to its all 15k employees based upon categoric level of employment at a given time of the year. The issue rose while handling such wide variant benefit system was primarily in the process of disbursement of such extensive BU & category dependent multi-layered benefit structure.


Stellar Track approached a vertical unification model to the issue, keeping the core logic of the compensation & benefit function intact.


We delivered a Master Benefit Program to the client. We actually created a mainframe logic gate, to integrate all the category class into a single function, so that every BU/category based disbursement of benefit and bonus are calculated, using a single piece of code. This enabled a vertical unification of the mainframe logic in the system, and the quantified data could be received in a single user window.