Electronic Data Processing for Captive & 3rd Party Payroll

Our EDP deals with clientele with diverse Payroll process, we deliver diversity. Having said our key service mantra we would like you to tour our offerings for both Captive and Third Party partners of our EDP who shares their processes with us and stands satisfied with our engagement.

Our Engagement Model:


Captive Payroll @Stellar Track EDP:

Our captive process deals with multiple SLA's (Service Level Agreement) and MSA's (Master Service Agreement) engaged with our clientele. We engage our clientele with a process which primarily deals with the core change management principles, subsequently managing “Your” process transition with proven capability and ease. Our esteemed clientele comprises of industry group which are highly diverse in their business function and culture, but our EDP System gets acclimatized with such varying business logic and diverse organizational culture with sheer ease and diligence.

Third Party Payroll @Stellar Track EDP:

Stellar Track EDP is also a third party payroll vendor to many corporate, sme's (small & medium enterprise) and start ups. As a profit center we follow a very cost effective engagement model, so that our valued customers can enjoy strategic advantage of shared overhead, and as we position our offering in the diverse value chain, we allow 360 degree flexibility to our clientele, to scale upon upsizing and downsizing practice, as and when required in a given time frame.

Our Unique Service Features @Stellar Track EDP:

Our capability to deliver Diverse Payroll Management Process makes us stand apart in the much crowded market, wherein "You" find lot of claims regarding payroll capability by multiple players, but managing multiple type and kind of processes, by integrating diverse statutory, salary practice and organizational culture is what we expertise upon. Our core objective is to keep the business logic of ours as well our customer’s intact and then deliver our unique and diverse process platform to the end user.

What we are capable of and what we have delivered???

  • We have delivered payroll for coal mines, by complying the unique Coal Miner’s PF
  • We have delivered payroll for Trust, foundations and certain kind of NGO’s by complying the very specific kind of Trustee PF.
  • We have delivered payroll to PSU’s by complying their policies and statutory of EPF, which is quite complex while it comes to process integration.
  • We have delivered diverse PT Compliance across different states in the country.