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Module Details Super Premium Premium Economic
Employee Bank Account
Employee Bank Name
Employee Bank Account
Agent Master
Category Level
Employee Grade
Work Shift Master
Handicapped Type
Employee Recruitment
Direct Employee Recruitment
Registration Fees
Registration Fees Master
Modify Registration Fees
Registration Fees Approval
Cancel Registration Fees Approval
Recruitment Management
Direct Employee Conversion
Recruitment Management full module
Employee Management
Modify Employee Information
Modify General Information
Modify Contact Details
Modify Name
Modify Educational Qualification
Modify Languages Known
Modify Physical Attribute
Modify Past Experience
Modify Skill Set
Modify Marital Status
Modify Government Documents
Modify Other Documents
Modify Documents Submission
Handicapped Entry
Employee PF Exempted
Modify Next To Kin
Modify Family Members & Nominee
Modify Agent
Modify Category
Pay Structure Management
Employee Pay Structure
Employee Additional Allowance
Employee Additional Deduction
Employee Posting
Employee Movement Advice For Office Staff
Employee Movement Advice For Site Staff
Branch Transfer
Department Transfer
Workshift Change
Employee Separation
Exit CheckList Master
Apply Resignation
Approval For Resignation By Heads
Approval By HR
Cancel Approval By HR
Resignation Direct
Office Staff Salary From Site
Office Staff Salary From Site Requisition
Manager Approval Office Staff Salary From Site
HR Approval Office Staff Salary From Site
Other Menu
Employee Hierarchy
Loan & Advance
Salary Advance
Apply Salary Advance For Own
Apply Salary Advance For Site Staff
Grant or Deny Salary Advance
Cancel Salary Advance Approval
Salary Advance Given By Accounts
Salary Advance WipeOff
Salary Advance Bulk Entry
Salary Advance Direct Entry
Loan Requirement Type Master
Loan Booking for Own
Loan Booking for Site Staff
Loan Approval By Supervisor
Cancel Loan Approval By Supervisor
Loan Approval By Branch Head
Cancel Loan Approval By Branch Head
Loan Approval By HR
Cancel Loan Approval By HR
Loan Given By Accounts
Loan Wipe Off
Loan Bulk Entry
Loan Direct Entry
Attendance Management
Leave Management
Leave Master
Employee Leave Master
Leave Application
Leave Approval By Manager
Cancel Leave Approval By Manager
Leave approval Of Manager Done By HR
Leave Approval By HR
Cancel Leave Approval By HR
Leave Application Direct
Attendance Policy
Office Holidays
Extra Holidays
Daily Attendance
Time In
Time Out
Employee Daily Attendance
Delete Office Staff Daily Attendance
House Rent
House Rent Master
House Rent Booking for Employee
House Rent Discontiue for Employee
Tour Management
Tour Master
Category Level Tour Eligibility
Tour Application
Apply New Tour
Modify Journey Detail
Tour Approvals
Tour Approval By Manager
cancel Tour Approval By Manager
Tour Tickets
Ticket Booking
Ticket Booking Modify/Cancel
Tour Advance
Tour Advance Given
Modify Tour Advance Given
Refund Advance Amount For cancel Tour
Tour Settlement
Enter Tour Settlement
Modify Tour Settlement
Tour Settlement Approvals
Tour Settlement Approval By Manager
Tour Settlement Approval By Accounts
Tour Settlement Approval By HR
Cancel Tour Settlement Approval By Manager
Cancel Tour Settlement Approval By Accounts
Cancel Tour Settlement Approval By HR
Disciplinary Action & Reward
Other Menu
Disciplinary Action & Reward Master
Penalty Rule Master
Disciplinary Action & Reward Taken
Delete Disciplinary Action & Reward Taken
Employee Management Reports
Branchwise Employee Status Report
Employee List
Employee Join Report
Employee Left Report
Employee Absconding Report
Branchwise Departmentwise List
Handicapped Report
PF Exempted Report
Modify Information Summary Report
Gun-Vechile Licence Renewal Done
Gun-Vechile Licence Renewal Pending
Employee Transfer Reports
Site Transfer Report
Branch Transfer Report
Department Transfer Report
Pay Structure Management Reports
Employee Pay Structure Report
Loan Reports
Loan Given
Loan Recover
Loan Due
Loan Defaulter List
Salary Advance Reports
Salary Advance Given
Salary Advance Recover
Salary Advance Due
Salary Advance Defaulter List
Leave Reports
Leave Status Report
Leave Consumed Report
Leave Summary Report
Tour Reports
Tour Report
Tour Status Report
Attendance Management Reports
Office Holiday List
Extra Holiday List
Attendance Report As Per Deployment
Attendance Status on a Particular Date
Employee Attendance Report
House Rent Reports
House Rented Report
Current Employee Staying
Employee Start Living Report
Employee Left from Staying
House Rent Deduction
Statutory Computation(PF,ESIC,LWF,PTAX,TDS) All All No TDS
Site Entry
Office Staff Site Entry
Client Site Entry
Site Attendance
Monthly Attendance-Site
Monthly Attendance Delete -Site
Office Staff-Attendance
Monthly Attendance-Office Staff
Monthly Attendance Delete-Office Staff
Monthly Attendance Excess Duty
Excess Duty Application
Excess Duty Approval/Rejection By HOD
Cancel Excess Duty Approval/Rejection By HOD
Wage Generation
Wage Generation-Site
Monthly Attendance & Wage Generation-Site
Monthly Attendance & Wage Generation-Payroll Site
Wage Generation-Site
Wage Delete-Site
Wage Generation-Office Staff
Monthly Attendance & Wage Generation-Office Staff
Wage Generation-Office Staff
Wage Delete-Office Staff
Arrear Wage Generation
Arrear Wage Generation-Site
Arrear Wage Generation--Site
Arrear Wage Delete-Site
Arrear Wage Generation-Office Staff
Arrear Wage Generation-Office Staff
Arrear Wage Delete-Office Staff
Arrear Wage Generation-Site For Mid Renewal
Attendance-Mid Renewal
Arrear Wage Generate-Mid Renewal
Arrear Wage Generate Delete -Mid Renewal
Bonus & Exgratia
Normal Bonus
Bonus As Per ERP (if Marketing module is taken)
Bonus As Per Client
Bonus Special
Bonus-Office Satff
Bonus Delete
Normal Exgratia
Exgratia As Per ERP (if Marketing module is taken)
Exgratia As Per Client
Exgratia Special
Exgratia-Office Satff
Exgratia Delete
Arrear Bonus
Arrear Bonus Generation
Arrear Bonus As Per Client
Arrear Bonus-Office Staff Generation
Arrear Exgratia
Arrear Exgratia Generation
Arrear Exgratia As Per Client
Arrear Exgratia-Office Staff Generation
Leave Generation
Normal Leave Generation
Leave Generation As Per ERP (if Marketing module is taken)
Leave Generation Special
Leave Encashment Delete
Arrear Leave
Arrear Leave Generation
Payroll Reports
Monthly Attendance Excess Duty Reports
Pending/Rejected Monthly Attendance Excess Duty Approval
Monthly Attendance Excess Duty Report
Attendance Reports-Site
Monthly Attendance Report
Wage Reports
Wage Reconciliation Report
Payroll Reports-Regular
Wage Sheet
Office Staff Wage Sheet
Office Staff Pay Slip
Site Employee Pay Slip
Office Staff Employee Pay Slip
Wage Summary Sheet
Payroll Reports-Arrear
Wage Sheet-Arrear
Office Staff Wage Sheet-Arrear
Office Staff Pay Slip-Arrear
Wage Summary Sheet-Arrear
Statutory Reports
PF Report
PF Register
ESIC Report
ESIC Register
Labour Welfare Report
P.Tax Report
Statutory Normal PaySlip
Wage Register
Bonus Reports
Bonus Report
Bonus Report-Seperate
Bonus Report-Combine
Employee Bonus Detail Report
Exgratia Reports
Exgratia Report
Exgratia Report-Seperate
Exgratia Report-Combine
Employee Exgratia Detail Report
Leave Reports-Site Staff
Leave Statement
Leave Encashment Report